Multi-disciplinary Cutting-edge Research & Development


Services Overview

Advisory Services

Consultation and brain-storm sessions with our specialists, team leaders, finance and legal aid units. It also contains project design, development, management and technical support phases per customer preferences.

Project Involvement

Fully or partially design, analyze, prototype, verify, test and deliver your project based on your needs.


With our connections in the global marketplace, we help companies, organizations and individuals to develop technologies and successfully commercialize them.

Technical Investment

If you are looking to grow your company or seeking high-tech equipment and require support, we can provide the technology you need to make your project a success.

Quality standards

Currently we follow all general safety and quality standards regulated for the North Amercia, Mexico, Europe, Japan, South Korea and China. That being said, SignalValley® is open to any specific standard or benchmark you may require to be taken into account for your project based on the rules and regulations where you are located.

Quality assurance

Includes all the activities related to satisfying relevant quality standards for a project ranging from regular commercial products to high-tech high-end projects.


Benchmarking generates ideas for quality improvements by comparing to those of other similar projects or products within or outside the SignalValley or its partner companies and institutions.


Comprehensive quality audit is performed frequently to review and discuss the standards and quality management activities to help identify possible bottle-neck for current or future projects.


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